The future of Emscripten and OF?

I wonder if there will be an update in the future, so that OF will work with the current Emscripten version. Right now the official Emscripten version to use is 1.40.0 and with a small change it also works with 2.0.6. What does not work with both versions is fullscreen and antialiasing of 2d-shapes. I also needed to change some code for using ofTrueTypeFont with Emscripten. And it would be very nice to use audioWorkletNode instead of ScriptProcessorNode in Java Script (not sure how much the audio latency would benefit from that). Are those changes very complex or almost impossible or are they doable in the future?

As long as the official version combination (OF 0.11.2 and Emscripten 1.40.0) emscripten | openFrameworks only works with the issues mentioned above: Is there a known version combination that works without those issues (I am sure it was working at a certain point, but not sure what versions I was using)?