The current state of multi-screen?

I want to create some work that spans 6 HD screens and do not know the best route: I can add 3 GPUs to an old mac tower, use a Master machine with 5 other Beagle bones or rPis, or 3 Mac Minis - any other options I am missing? I will be doing particles and some generative things along with some realtime feeds from twitter and such.
I read all the threads on the forum, but most are from several years ago. where are things at now?

Hey @digitalColeman ,

I’m working on a 5 x HD screen project at the moment using one of these- which can handle 6 outputs. I’m running a single OF app spanning all screens with loads of heavy graphics, etc, so I would definitely recommend one of these.


Trent, thanks for the info! Did you need to multithread or use other tactics to make sure things were properly distributed to the various GPU’s? Chris

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Hey Chris, no I didn’t have to change anything in software. Everything just works out of the box.

Trent, just got a good look at the video card, holy crap that is cool, but also perhaps too expensive for me. I am keeping it in mind for future projects tho.