The current ofxCV is compatible with 0.10.1?

@kylemcdonald , is the ofxCv compatible with 0.10.1 since the addons page says it is compatible with 0.10.0. I am planning to use VS2017.

anything compatible with 0.10 should be compatible with 0.10.1 since it’s just a bugfix release

Yes I’m using ofxCv with latest master branch.

Thank you for your clarification.

I had a compilation issue when using ofxCV under Windows with OF(0.10.1) and OpenCV(4.0.1).
If working ofxCV on OF(0.10.1) is working for you guys, would it be openCV compatibility issue with ofxCV?

OpenCV 4 is quite new and deprecates some old C API.
There is an open issue on ofxCv Github