The ARK's BIG project /Help?

Hello !

I’m trying to make a biiiiig application, with some big stuff in it, i also need to learn about C++ now (do you think i can do it in 6 month?)?

I’m building something like something that i already make with Processing (and some help of Julien Gachadoat), see this here : Holographic-3D-Viewer

Now, I am trying to build it with Openframeworks, and addons: an holographic pyramid, with hand draw function (LeapMotion), voice recognizer function (give some commands, ofxSpeech), selection / eraser (leap & ofxbullet) and maybe some neurosky things.

For the moment i’m here, trying to use ofxbullet (that’s the problem), is this addon is working with you? Because even with the examples, that’s not working on my Xcode OF…

Will you help me for this big project?? I will post all step nd questions here.
Here is the software :

Thank you!!!
By the way, ark is because my holographic pyramid is so big that it makes me think about the arch in “Indiana Jones” (it works with a TV screen). :wink:

First question : does anyone know how ofxbullet is working, i need to make a selection tool, but ofxbullet always crash (too many ways for crashing, unbelievable!!), or an other addons that can help me to make a selection and (or an other addon), to code an eraser…?

For the moment i’m with my c++ book, trying to learn about heritages. So far, so good !^^

no ?

Bullet is a nice library, but it could be a little bit intimidating for a beginner. It’s difficult to say what’s going wrong with your project without knowing exactly what you’re doing, but I can share a couple of generic thoughts:

  • there are a few ofxBullet related posts here on the forum: reading them could give you an idea of how other people is using the addon

  • if you only need a selection tool, maybe it’s easier and cleaner to just code the tool yourself, without importing a complex physics environment

Finally, speaking about learning C++: if you’re coming from Processing the transition should not be that hard. You should already know about classes and OOP and Java syntax is somewhat similar to C: with a good book and after some time adapting to specific C++ things (did anyone say pointers? :slight_smile: ) you should be good to go.

Thank you for responding to this post ! ^^

Ho, i was forgetting pointers… i was too excited about class and polymorphism haha.

And, with a little bit of patience, i’m finally good at working with ofxbullet now. Actually i’m trying to find how i can move some box, cone, or other stuff with the LEAP.

For the moment, i can turn my 3Dworld with the leapMotion, I’m trying now to use ofxUI. Do you know if it can be used with the LEAP?

And also, do you know how i can turn (like a mirror) all my app?
I was forgetting it… but i need to do it! Maybe with the ofFbo?