The application cancelled restart

Hi, I am creating an OF application for an interactive installation that is scheduled to run for a number of years. I would like to be able to schedule a computer restart using OSX power management scheduler, but when I attempt to restart the computer while the OF app is running, I get the error message: “The application cancelled restart.” and the restart fails.

Why doesn’t the OF app quite upon computer shut down like other apps do?
Any workaround for this?


Sure that there is a cleaner method… but you can make an script and calling it, in the script you can kill the of app and later shutdown or restart or whatever

I was able to find another application that handles scheduled restarts without this problem. It’s called ibeez:

i am on elCapitan and my OF app prevents the scheduled Shutdown or Restart, which is set in system preferences -> energy saver -> schedule

on shutdown time i get " the application X canceled shut down "

so i wrote this little app that checks “/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/”;