(Thanks OF) Sunburn! new OpenFrameworks game available in App Store

Hey OF community! I’ve been using OF for a couple years and I wanted to mention that I’ve just released a game on the Apple App Store for iPhone/iPad that I made using OpenFrameworks + iOS. We’re featured on the “Best New Games” section right now, so to anyone who thinks you can’t get there without Unity or Objective-C, think again!

I worked with two of my friends on the game and I wrote a lot of the code. I wanted to make a post here to sort of show that, yeah, it’s totally possible to use OF to ship a game. Actually, I learned how to code C++ to make this very game. I had no idea what I was doing, at first. (I really mean that. I had no idea how to use pointers or make a header file.)

I was able to make contributions back to the OF library while working on Sunburn! and that made me really proud. Hopefully some of you can check it out and it’ll inspire you to make your own awesome something with OF :smiley:

Oh and by the way I’m using addons by two other awesome NYC indie devs, Andy Wallace & Zach Gage.

Here’s some snippets of reviews and a link to a press roundup:
◇ Gamezebo: “4.5/5 Far from iterating, Secret Crush has created a new genre standard.”
◇ 148apps: "4.5/5 “One of the weirdest and best platforming experiences to be had on iOS…A complete delight.”
◇ Kaijupop: “3/4 Pops: Exceptional. A significant cut above the crowd.”
◇ TouchArcade: “4/5 Well worth checking out.”

The GIF below links to the App Store page. You can also check out the trailer and website.


Looks nice, congrats !
Did you meet any particular difficulties with the whole process of making a mobile game with OF ?

Looks great, I’ll try it out! :smile:

Working with iOS is really the hardest part. You’re adding a layer of abstraction and there’s more code that can break or make your life difficult. Upgrading the project to support iOS 8 was anxiety inducing. You end up needing to know a bit of Objective-C to debug.

Oh,no.it is not free…can u give me a free code?
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Great work @aefreedman! Downloading now :D!

Lil comment, on the iphone 4 the resolution is a bit off. Here’s a snapshot:

Nice mechanics and visuals!

Thanks for playing!

…Maintaining all these resolutions with OF is a nightmare @__@

Thanks! :smiley:

Congratulations! I don’t know making games and I wonder: Did you make graphics using a drawing software like Coreldraw or did you make them using OF code?

you can try my pure OF APP ,both on GooglePlay and App Store and free ----> Tipix

Hi @aefreedman, congrats for the nice game! Just bought it on the AppStore :slight_smile:

I want to port one Processing-based game (it was actually a prototype) I coded last year to openFrameworks and I was wondering how to do this. It is a Jump’n’Run game and will run on OSX, not iOS (at least initially).

Could you tell us a little about the structure of your libraries, some tips/tricks, etc.? That would be really helpful for others trying to develop games with oF (like them asking in this thread or in this other one). Below ofxSpriteSheet and ofxGameCenter, which other libs are you using? ofxBox2d?

Thanks a lot for your help and congrats again for the game!

PS: Will the game be available in the future for Android? I’m playing it now in an iPhone but would be great to play it in my Nexus tablet :slight_smile:


Do you have any prior experience with C++/OF? If not, going from a managed language to C++ can be kinda hard.

I think the most useful thing to do when setting up a new project is including the OF library inside of your project. You don’t necessarily want to do this unless you’re sure you’re going to work on something for a long time or with other people. But this lets you put the project on source control without requiring other people to set project directories or find the right OF release, etc.

It’s a little bit confusing, and I haven’t done it that many times, actually. I had a friend sit with me and help figure it out, haha.

Since you’re targeting OSX, Xcode handles a lot of the managerial work for you. Though you do need to double-check.

And no, the only two OF add ons I’m using are those. I rolled the physics for Sunburn myself, though I have used Box2D in the past, for other games. I’m using the UrbanApps review manager, too, but thats an Obj-C addon.

Hi @aefreedman, thanks for your reply.
Yes, I have experience with oF/C++ but I don’t have experience in building games with oF. The question was more in the direction, which libraries have you used, how did you coded the physics, etc. In conclusion, which tools have you needed in order to use oF as kind of a Game Engine/Lib/Framework. You have this also answered, so thanks again! :slight_smile:

Hello aefreedman, congratulations for your game:

I don’t know making games and I have a question.Did you make graphics using a software like Coreldraw or using OF code?For example,drawing and painting a character in the game,did you use a drawing/painting program or did you use just OF code?

Most of the art assets in the game were made with Photoshop. We’re rendering them with a sprite sheet renderer addon by Zach Gage, which I linked in the OP.

Some of the dynamic visuals are rendered with OF/OpenGL, although I tried to keep that to a minimum, since the performance of those calls on iOS devices is pretty subpar.

Thanks for your answer and congrats again.

Any plans on porting it to Android? I’d really like to check it out whenever that happens =)
For the moment I’m iOSless and have to content myself with the awesome trailer

This is awesome! I saw you guys at the NYC Media Lab Showcase (I was at the table next to you guys) and I loved the game, can’t wait to play it (on my Android device pls… soon? maybe?)

Just bought the game!! Like the style and idea!! Great!!!
Thank a lot for sharing! Mostly i like it if people pick technology besides unity3d, unreal and cocos2dx :smiley: