thank you!

first one :smiley:
you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for something like your framework,
I was playing alot with Java and Proce55ssing for live usage, interface design and alternative musical controllers, but the perfomance really sux, never risked the step to C++ because for each purpose I had to learn a proprietary library! Currently trying the first releas in Eclipse.

cool – you are welcome!

very glad to have you with us, and happy that openframeworks is helpful.

Just a quick note that there is someone who has made an eclipse version of the OF project and he is working on some setup instructions as well, and we will try to post these as soon as possible.

again, welcome!

Great work Zach & Theo!

I’ve been waiting for this =)


I just wanted to say hello as well.

I am the other developer behind openFrameworks and I have been spending a lot of time working on getting everything mac compatible.

So if you have xcode specific questions please post them in the relevant forums and I will do my best to answer/help you with them.


Great job you two, I have just compiled and run all the examples on my MacBook Pro, everything works fine - and my built in iSight too. Did need to download the latest xCode however.

Great work, thanks for creating this space.

Hi Zach,
I’m Joe, your student, remember me ?
I just find this website. This project is awesome. The workshop at eyebeam was great. I’m a full-time lecturer right now and I’m trying to be a great teacher like you.

Hi Theo,
I had a great time playing soccer with you and DT folks and attended Mac-based ofWorkshop at eyebeam last year :smiley:

Hope you guys are doing well and keep doing great projects. I’m waiting for more openframeworks libraries and examples.

PS. it would be great if you guys come to talk + workshop in Bangkok someday.

Another one who just want to thank you!
I’ve just download OF a week ago and I’m already playing around with openCV. Thhhhaaanks!

Hi Zach and Theo,

I’m another one taking the step from processing for performance issues. I discovered the eyebeam workshop a few weeks after it happened, and I wonder how we can keep updated on happenings like that. All the documentation on this project is top-notch, and the forum seems really responsive. I look forward to creating future projects using C++ and the openFrameworks library. Thanks a bunch.

Hello you all mad geeks with dangerous artistic tendencies!
c++ was the black beast until oF made light
I bought and read The Visual C++ 5 Bible, and after tons of propietary apis and self referencing libraries, I couldn’t even open a blank window.
I think finding and joining all the libraries for a project like this could take anyone of us like 10 years of hard work.
So, really thanks, Zach, keep the nice work, and like you like, take care!!!