Textures color depth on Android

Hi, this background looks with a different color depth on Android (nexus 9, EGL 1.4), works fine on Nexus 5. Do you have any idea of why this could happen? This is what I see on android,

This is the original texture

I have tried setting the window size, and avoiding scaling the image, but nothing seems to make it better. FYI, I am just using the normal ofImage method to display it.

Did you try preparing a version of this background compatible with Nexus 9 and then trying it on Nexus 5, instead of trying the Nexus 5 version on Nexus 9?

Sorry for the delay. What do you mean with “compatible” with Nexus 9? I am using a png and loading with the default RGBA setting. In which way the images for the two devices need to be different?

when I wrote “compatible with Nexus 9”, I meant a 2048x1536 image resolution. Probably you will end up with using different images for different screen resolutions.

i think this has to do with how the window is initialized. when i started the port for android most phones had rgb565 screens. i guess that’s not true anymore but we never changed the way the screen is initialized.

in addons/ofAndroidLib/src/cc/opencrameworks/OFAndroidWindow.java can you change lines 227 and 239 from:

OFEGLConfigChooser configChooser = new OFEGLConfigChooser(5,6,5,0,16,0);


OFEGLConfigChooser configChooser = new OFEGLConfigChooser(8,8,8,0,24,0);
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YES. Did the trick, thanks @arturo

perfect, i’ve bumped up those values in git too, last time i checked a couple of years ago it was problematic with some devices but i guess it should be ok now

Tested on nexus 5,7,9, working as it should!