Textures are not correctly displayed in ofxAssimpModelLoader

Hi everyone,
I am playing around with the ofxAssimpModelLoader on Mac OS X 10.7.5. I downloaded the version in the development branch of oF 0.7.4. I am using .dae models (converted from Sketchup) with a lot of textures and geometries. Some textures do not seem to work.
I found another post that explicitly sets the texture parameter after binding: http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/assimp-and-tiled-textures/7515/0
This brought me a little closer to solving the problem but it is not quite how it is supposed to look like. Could someone give me a hint please?
I am attaching a screenshot from Preview, how the model should look like. The second image shows how it would look like in the oF 0.7.4 version and the 3rd with setting the texture parameter.

It might be an issue with ARB textures. Did you call ofDisableArbTex before loading the Assimp model?
I think Assimp might also like pow of 2 textures.

Thanks a lot for your answer (just saw it now). I had ofDisableArbTex in my code. But my textures were not power of 2, I changed that and now it works perfectly :).