Texture format within FBO?

Hello All

Is it possible to set the format of a texture within an ofFbo object?
i.e a standard ofFbo treats all values of .rgba at each tex-coord as between 0 and 1; can this be unlimited or raised?

Here looks promising, but is unexplained for idiots such as myself: http://openframeworks.cc/documentation/gl/ofFbo%3A%3ASettings/


This is how I use ofFboSettings, hope it helps.

ofFbo::Settings fboSettings;
fboSettings.width = w;
fboSettings.height = h;
fboSettings.internalformat = GL_RGBA; //also check glew.h for other formats
fboSettings.textureTarget = GL_TEXTURE_2D; //corrdinate from 0 to 1. Check glew.h for other targets
fboSettings.wrapModeHorizontal = GL_REPEAT; //
fboSettings.wrapModeVertical = GL_REPEAT;

ofFbo fboParticles;