TextField on iOS without using UIKit?

I’m trying to make my project easier to develop cross platform.

So the project is on iOS at the moment.
Is there a way to have a text field that works without the UIKit textfield?

I’m trying to use ofxUIUtils by @DomAmato
The textfield responds to touch, but i can’t use it to input any text from the keyboard

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

I never tested it on mobile platforms, I will take a look at it as I assume it just doesn’t have the listeners setup for the keyboard input

ahhhh ok, I haven’t really used listeners much, thanks for looking into it!

As a current work around I would try following this example https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/blob/master/examples/ios/KeyboardExample/src/ofApp.mm

and then just use the setText feature in the text input field https://github.com/DomAmato/ofxUIUtils/blob/master/src/ofxTextInputField.h#L68

It will take me a little to adapt things for all platforms since I mostly just develop for Windows but its always cool to see people using my addons! :smile:

I am always listening for feature requests and suggestions so if there is anything you find certainly let me know

thanks so much, yeah i’ll have a go and feedback

thats great, thanks. I’m using it now and it works a treat.
I’ll let you know when I’ve fully integrated it into my menus