text2haydn translates text-feeds by twitter users about the classical composer joseph haydn into samples of pieces by haydn.
the method is simple: for each character of the text a corresponding sound snippet is played. so whenever for example the sentence contains the letter “r” a sample of a haydn piece where the sound “r” is sung gets played. the maybe following vowel “o” would accordingly trigger a sung “o”. and so on.


the installation will be shown at the rotunde in oberwart (austria) from june 13th to september 27th 2009.
more information here: http://www.oho.at
and at my page:


The audio is quite chaotic. I love the interaction of the characters and other objects. Very cool.

it’s quite a rough cut through some material i recorded so in the original installation there are less changes. but all the time it’s a direct translation of the written text.