Text-To-Speech & Speech-To-Text Libraries


I’m looking for TTS & STT librariess. I know FreeSTT in Java (processing), but i don’t know nothing similar (free) in C++/OF. And i don’t find any STT free library.

Does someone knows about any open library of these types in C++ (or Java)?

Thanks in advance.


En castellano:

Estoy buscando librarías de síntesis de voz (Tex-To-Speech) y reconocimiento de voz (Speech-To-Text).

He encontrado FreeSTT para java, muy sencilla de utilizar, pero no se si está disponible para C++.
En cambio no encuentro librerías STT. Son más complejas pero igual hay algo opensouce con lo que se pueda comenzar a a hacer pruebas.

¿Sabe alguien de alguna librería de este tipo?


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I’ve played around a lot with Julius for speech to text http://julius.sourceforge.jp/en-index.php there’s also a lot of info on http://www.voxforge.org/ for how to build up dictionary and grammar. There’s a lot of good There’s also Sphinx http://cmusphinx.sourceforge.net/ but I didn’t have nearly as much luck with that.


I’m really new to OF, but maybe we can use the espeak library to do some great TTS ?


just a quick note that on mac, you can do:

system("say 'this is a quick test' &");  

for example:

void testApp::keyPressed(int key){  
	if (key == ' ' ){  
		system("say 'this is a quick test' &");  

it’s not cross platform, but if there are command line TTS options on a given platform, this is one way to work with them.

Also, since the voice command takes a certain amount of time, you might open it in a thread, and then check if the thread has finished to know when the speaking is done if timing is important. (I have an example of this somewhere). Above I use & so the system command runs non-blocking (otherwise, the OF app will freeze).

take care,

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Thank you for all responses!!!

All of them will be really useful.

I hope to report here any interesting advance with this libraries and OF.



and there’s flite:

works fine. not the best quality but small and works on the iPhone as well.