text effects (text + shaders)

hi all,
for the ongoing development of my text performance system i did some experiments with shaders and text. i wrote a subclass of ofTrueTypeFont that uses shaders instead of normal openGL textures.
you can download the source here:

the project is for Xcode only but it should be really easy to compile it for PCs.
it makes use of ofShader (of course).

i just started learning GLSL so the shader code is not great and the effects aren’t brilliant: outline, blur, strong blur, extreme blur.
shaded texts are much slower than texts without (more than two times slower).
i’d welcome feedback, better shader code, feature requests, presents and so on.

all the best

texteffect.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close…

if i debug, this is the screenshot

i guess i know, what the problem is: it can’t load the shader files.
a new version is here:


i get the same problem…
don’t know why it happens…

sure? did you rebuild everything?
can you supply more debugging information? for example the code line that called the strlen function? the callstack would be great.


ok, after rebuilding, it worked. sorry. :slight_smile:

But nothing changes if press 0,1,2,3 or 4…

i will test it on a different machine now.

maybe your graphics card doesn’t support shaders?


how can i test if it supports shaders?

i have a geforce go 7800 on my notebook, and a ati radeon x1550 on my desktop.

they both don’t work with the numbers 0-4.

can you have a look at the console of the program? are there any error messages?