iam new to cpp, and usually in the rubylands, and started a project where one goal is a cpp client based on openframeworks… because its my first cpp project i tried applying ruby parctices to the development, starting with testing the behavior of my code to proof it and re-ensure when i make changes and so on… which turns out to works in cpp great as well :wink:

here is a video of my current test-suite running: http://drop.io/openframeworks/asset/cam-…-ces-rspec1 (download for better resolution)

so start testing or tinker around with rspec (http://rspec.info/) in scope of your app. it might be usefull for you aswell!!

wow - I have to say, that I don’t really understand exactly what you are doing - but I am pretty sure that it is very awesome.

are you controlling pre-made ‘test scenes’ within an OF app via messages from ruby?
Is the animation / particle code on the ruby side or the OF side?

anyway looks very exciting and glad OF is working out well for you!


theo, glad you liked it. :slight_smile:


short update on a new special object i recently added to cameronSpaces

…the “core_physics” object. it can set and create a box2d world and ask or be asked to attach other objects to it (and take controll over them in the postition and movement context). you can even create for example 2 core_physics objects and attach random created objects to random core_physics objects and it works, or detach and attach when a object went sleeping and so on…

anyhow its fun and i wanted to show you the current test for this object:

note: the lower framerate is the fault of that f** screencapture software i used to record the video


Ilian – do you have any code to share? I’m very interested in examples of getting ruby & OF talking

I’m also a ruby->OF dev & rspeccer; mucked around a bit with the rbof wrapper last year…

jamiew, its not public yet, i keep you updated…