Testing a long-running of application?

I need to test an of app, that is supposed to run continuously (and independently) for a long time (months). So far I can see that it is crushing after a couple days of running. I cannot be next to the app all this time.

Of course I can schedule some resets (cron-jobs) and log some parts of the code that I think can cause trouble (have not found anything through this). No obvious memory leaks, CPU usage is normal for the first few hours.

I wonder if there is some workflow that OF users have come up with for this kind of situation (apps continuously running for a long time in production)?

Maybe it is somewhat of an expected behavior and some 72 hours of continuous load is too much?

I realize this is a bit non-specific, but that is the nature of this problem now…

Any link / advice will be great.

I’m in a similar situation, as in this weekend I’m installing an app which is commissioned to run for 8 hours a day for the next 5 years (gulp)

My app loads all it’s content at startup, and isn’t network connected, so there’s not a lot of changes that happen to the memory. I’ve run it successfully for just under 5 days so far with no issues at all. The app tracks people walking past the installation and updates a 3D scene accordingly. Every ten minutes or so the scene changes - different models etc. It’s running 3 projectors on a triplehead2go and pushing the video card of the Mac Mini pretty hard.

I’ve spent a lot of time recently considering where problems could arise in the system. Can you detail your app and system a little more?

well essentially it’s an OpenCV + Kinect (not the openni though) app that tracks people and displays stuff. No network connection, all the assets are preloaded, runs off Mac Mini, one display, of_game_mode (if that matters)…

hmm I got no ideas really…
I’m using ofxCv rather than ofxOpenCv though (which I’m finding a bit easier to use), but I can’t see that having any bearing on your issue.
Haven’t tried of_game_mode, but it looks like I may have to because every tenth time or so the app runs it has the mac menu on top of it.
Have you tried profiling your app using Instruments? I haven’t bothered with this app becuase it seems to be running fine, but it’s been invaluable in my iOS objC dev.

Do you know if its your app that is actually causing the slow down? and does it crash or just slow down? What is the environment like (hot/cold).

If it crashes, have a look at the crash log to see what caused it.
OSX - crash log
WIN - event viewer

Generally its not good to run your equipment full throttle 24/7. Previously I had 2 installations that ran for 2 months 12hrs a day. It ran perfectly. It was OpenCv + OpenNi. All I did was use the built in schedule in osx to turn the machine on and off each day and set the app to autostart on login.