Test Screen - graduation project

I’ve been playing around with OF for a while now and thought my graduation project (Interaction Design, ArtEZ institute of the arts, Arnhem, the Netherlands) would be the right moment for my first ‘real’ project.

More images can be found on my website (link) (no video yet, sorry).

Most modern interfaces are as simple as possible and seem to hide the system underneath. I wanted to create an interface designed for a single purpose which would also show the complexity of the code involved, instead of hiding it.

I wrote a script to generate a test screen, a seemingly simple thing. But the screen is made out of several objects in 3D space which all need the have exactly the right position, shape, scale and color for the script to do what is was made for.

Each one of these parameters (a total of 93) is connected to a physical switch or dail, enabling the viewer to see some of the complexity and giving him the change to change to script to his or her own liking, thus turning a normally fixed script into a design tool.

Very nice, I like the exposed back and clean front. Looking forward to seeing some video.

I’ve uploaded a video and the binary file.

About the app:
Use the arrow keys and + - to control the camera.
Use the app to get a feel for the composition, but do keep in mind it’s meant to run using a dedicated interface. Due to the limitations of a keyboard, the other parameters can’t be controlled.

The app can be found here.
See the intallation in action