Terrarium - interactive sonic ecosystem

This is actually a project from last year - but I only just managed to get it posted now.

It is an interactive ecosystem which derives its energy from the sound of your voice. This is a collaborations between Emily Gobeille ( http://zanyparade.com ) and myself.

A bunch of the NYC OFers came out for the opening and dealt with the ridiculous temperatures in the gallery :smiley: We did a few tweaks since the opening and then shot this video.

Hope you like it.


It also led to this rtAudio fix ( a pain to track down ) for supporting multiple devices in xp:

thatโ€™s awesome! very nice work theo!

that looks stunning!
well done.

Great stuff, theo! I especially marvelled at the kind of overall lighting you use, which makes it appear you are under water. What tricks did you use there?

wooo, great stuff!