Technically able person needed in NYC for a one day install

Technically able person needed in NY for a one day install between the 18th and 21st of Nov, access date is not fully confirmed. The location is in Little Italy.

We’re looking for someone to help with the setup of a project, a very simple sound reactive piece of software. Should be a 2 hour job, but we will cover the day.

It will involve plugging in a preconfigured Mini Mac to 3 screens via a TripleHead2Go box, attach a mic to a window, adjust some settings in the software (input volume) and ensure that the machine has access to the provided wifi network and that LogMeIn is running so it can be managed remotely after this initial setup.

There will documentation to follow and I would be available over Skype.

After this it can all be managed by the staff and remote desktop, so no need to worry about being the goto person for any faults.

Hit me up with your day rate at andreas (at)