Technical setup for using 4 KinectV2


I am in a project where I need to use 4 KinectV2 for tracking a 15 meter wall. I have 1 Mac Pro late 2013 and the kinects. And not much budget after this. The problem is that mac pro only has one usb bus and 2 thunderbolt busses. The computer only receives image from 2 of the kinects where one of these images are frozen. I tried using both the ofxKinectV2 and ofxMultiKinectV2, The ofxKinectV2 only works for 1 kinect on the Mac Pro while I can get image from up to three on my macbook (however 1 image is frozen).

The best solution would be to use 4 separate computers sending information to the mac pro, but I would prefer avoiding that. (this would make the budget guys very unhappy)

Thinking, would if work to use thunderbolt to USB 3.0 adaptors?

The mac pro has 3 thunderbolt busses and 1 usb bus.

Or, if not, does anyone know how or if I can make 4 KinectV2 run on 1 Mac Pro?

We have recently used 3 Kinects V2 on one computer using freenect2. We ended up using a desktop computer with additional PCI USB3 cards for each device (still cheaper than a macbook :wink: ). Kinects have a rather high data rate, so I have no idea if a notebook is able to handle it. Also they tend to be picky about the usb3 interface and drivers. For example on my personal computer the kinect simply won;t work when plugged into the mainboards usb ports. So I’d probably try the adapter first.

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Hi @Karina_Jensen,

I bought the same adapter, to be able to use an old macbook pro without usb3 to use KinectV2.
I tried both windows and mac, and with no success. Searching on the internet, I found that the adapter uses an Asus chipset, not supported by KinectV2. It seems to work, but can’t handle all the data from the Kinect and there are errors all the time.
Hope it helps!


Thank you for the advice. We are running some pretty heavy graphics and with very tight deadline, so we decided to just go for the extra computers and then send all data to one app on the mac pro. Btw, I tried using a PCI USB3 card from sharkoon to be able to hook up more kinects to the same computer, but this did not work.
It recognises the kinect but the image freezes just after launching the application…