Teaching the basics of OF at school

Well this is not exactly what you could call an event, but I thought it could be nice to let you know that I am experimenting teaching a little of OpenFrameworks at my school (the italian equivalent of a technical high school). The pupils are around 17 - 18 years old and they already know a little C++ that should be enough to understand and try enough of OF.

For budget reasons the course will be limited to 20 hours (8 x 2.5), I will try to loosely follow the path from the excellent book “Mastering openFrameworks, Creative Coding Demystified” by Denis Perevalov.

As said it is experimental, let’s see how the students will like it and hopefully it will be repeated and expanded next year. By now I have around young 20 participants that volunteered, all of them from our school (the course is not open to the general public).

I am no OF guru at all, but my experience should be adequate for an introductory/intermediate course


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Good luck! I’ve previously taught some university level Processing courses for art students, many with no programming background at all. I’d be interested to hear about the curriculum you come up with. Also Programming Interactivity is a great book that covers a wide variety of material.