TCP clienet reconnection want work

I connect my WiFly successful to OF using the ofxTCPClient object.
Now, when I run the program before I connect the WiFly the program scan’s the net until the WiFly is connected, great, but if I stop the WiFly once it was connected the program want scan it again.

Is there a way that the (!tcpClient.isConnected()) is re-evaluated, so that the WiFly would be connected again.

Here is a copy of the code:
void testApp::update(){
ofBackground(230, 230, 230);

//we are connected - lets send our text and check what we get back

		//if data has been sent lets update our text
		string str = tcpClient.receive();
		if( str.length() > 0 ){
			msgRx = str;
	}else if(!tcpClient.isConnected()){
		weConnected = false;
	//if we are not connected lets try and reconnect every 5 seconds
	deltaTime = ofGetElapsedTimeMillis() - connectTime;

	if( deltaTime > 5000 ){
		weConnected = tcpClient.setup("", 2000);
		connectTime = ofGetElapsedTimeMillis();



Thanks Martin