tbeta - cross platform multi-touch sensing

We have been working on a multi-touch tracking application for Google Summer of Code 2008… it was a students (Seth Sandler)'s project and now we are getting the chance to release.We aim to rewrite as a ofx* addon however that will come next :slight_smile:


Please let us know any feedback you may have… and thanks to OF for making this achievable.

WOW!!! The web page is very clean and intuitive and makes me very exited and hopeful!! Very nice indeed. Can wait to try it out. BTW count me in on helping out to make this an addon. I will download the source code tonight and see if I can get it compiled. I tried like a month ago and had some problems compiling due to some of the GPU stuff but I figured you guys got that straightened out. Again…

NICE!!! :smiley:

[edit] hey where did the svn go?

Thanks for posting NUI!

Here’s a quick screen shot for our release:

We can use all the help we can get making this an addon. It’ll actually require a decent amount of work, since this was my first time doing c++ and the code is rather unorganized. If you’d like to help, let me or NUI know. :slight_smile:

I don’t have all the latest stuff on the svn since I was having a couple problems merging all the code into one for each platform. I’ll contact you soon and get you some sourcecode.

P.S. - Until we can get this as a formal addon, the ofxTUIO http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/ofxtuio/1192/0 addon should work for parsing the TUIO data sent from tbeta.

Glory Glory hallelujah!

After Month’s of working with the svn files from your project and no offical statement , i’m glad to hear this anouncement.

I’m working with tbeta to develop a multitouch steerage for a swarm simulation.
The frontend is done in Java/Processing. When i’m finished i’m releasing the code(Don’t know if anybody could read it :oops: )

Many thanks for your efforts to the opensource community!

I’m in contact with cerupcat about a bug/problem with some osc stuff and java. how could i join the project as a beta-tester to give you support from the user-side?


I took a look at this this morning. looks amazing and very powerful. would love to try and get it to compile.

congrats! looking good.
I see many good ideas.

The GPU mode caught my attention. How is it going with that? Do you get much better performance with it?

keep up the good work,

Thanks stefanix!

We might have to collaborate eventually if you’re up for it. We’d like to model tbeta addon after how you did the ofxTouch stuff. :slight_smile:

The GPU mode part was done by a guy on NUIGroup. It’s actually not fully integrated and the performance is actually poorer on just about every computer I’ve tested. Right now, it’s just 3 GPU filters (smooth, highpass, threshold, we don’t have an amplify GPU filter yet). The filters themselves are slightly faster, but since they’re being read back to the CPU every frame it comes out to being slower overall on most computers. For me, occasionally it can be about half the speed. Hopefully we’ll be able to speed it all up and fully integrate GPU.

Make sure you do it with OF 006. We have this really nice new poco event model(it’s in the svn already). It will make the integration silky smooth :wink:

I would be happy to help with that. Have you guys already posted the sources?

Yeah looking forward to the svn since the mac version is not compiled as a universal binary I cant play with it at home since I only have ppc. Hey stefanix, have you gotten ofxTouch set up using poco yet?

Yeah, you’ll have to let me know to compile a universal binary ding. I’m only familiar enough with xcode to setup the project and hit compile heh. Not sure what needs to happen to create a universal binary or make it work on ppc.

We’ll try and get the stuff on the svn soon. It’s a bit busy right now.

under Project->Edit Project Setting you can set it to universal at the bottom where it says “cross-develop using sdk” or something like that.


In my head I have ofxTouch already hooked up with the poco event system :wink: I will have it done pretty quickly after we have 006 release.

looks good. the GPU version does not work though. I am on a first Gen MBP. To me it looks as if the FBOs are not implemented correctly ot not supported by my Graphics Card.

has anyone gotten tbeta to work with ofxtuio?

everytime i have it running on my mac with the ofxtuio or the osc receiver addon example (latest version of ofxosc for the addons site) the client app crashes with this error:

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'osc::MalformedBundleException'  
  what():  bundle size must be multiple of four  

Progen has it working. We’ll be releasing a mousedriver for windows very soon that he did using it. Maybe PM him to see how he got it working.

Also, there’s an error in tbeta sending TUIO. I have it sending multiple packets of the same. I’ve fixed it and will be putting up the update hopefully tomorrow. It could be an issue with that.

thanks - the update fixed it!
ofxtuio works out of the box now.

Yeah sorry I forgot to post here hehe. I updated it yesterday and fixed the OSC problem as you can see. :slight_smile:

Would love to see what you’re creating with tbeta and ofxTUIO when you get things going!

Hey guys, I just used tbeta the other day and it works ace! super easy to use and really good tracking. congrats! I was trying it out with some old processing projects I had - originally using touchlib/bootcamp - no more bootcamp for me! hurrah! Any rough timescales on when you might have fiducial support? (if you do have it)? cos then we could scrap reactivision engine too!

Hey memo :slight_smile:

Yup! I have been patiently waiting for the source so I can see how to best lend a hand :smiley: