TalkShow is a dance performance created by Rui Horta which premiered on November 2009 and created for Centro Cultural de Belém.
For this show i created a software for displaying the visual content on two separate projections including videos and live camera input.
The visual content was created by Guilherme Martins and the soundscapes where created by Tiago Sequeira.

Some technical details…
The software was developed in C++ using OpenFrameworks. I designed and created and simple GUI library for increased versatility in creating the graphic interface.
Taking advantage of multicore CPU’s allows the application to run seamlessly while videos are being loaded (multithreaded loading).
Live camera input can be used and mixed or crossfaded with pre-made videos. It can also be zoomed and panned in realtime for which i used the OpenCV library.

Here’s a screenshot of the application’s GUI

And some pictures of the performance by Guilherme Martins :slight_smile:

some video promos of this play: