Talk about OF at Sapo CodeBits, December 3rd in Lisbon

i’ll be giving a talk about OpenFrameworks at Sapo CodeBits in Lisbon
it’ll be on December 3rd at 17:00

about Sapo CodeBits
about the Talk (warning Portuguese!!)

if anyone from here attends drop me a line :slight_smile:


I think I might be coming to Lisbon in January to work with a dance group…if you’re around I might come say hi :slight_smile:

Hi Grimus
i should be in Lisbon in January, let me know when you’re here, we’ll grab a beer



Hi Rui, congratulations.

I tried to attende this, but the i think its not possible to register to the event. They have lots off registrations. If you can confirm this will be great. Because i like to go.

zé maria

Hi José, sorry i didn’t see your post, the event was only by invitation (which i actually only found out a couple days ago)

anyways just posting the video of the presentation, its all in portuguese so if any of the portuguese speaking people in the forum are interested in a 43minute talk about OF just go here: :stuck_out_tongue: