Tablet / Phone Accelerometer Access from Desktop OF App


Does anyone know of an application that can be loaded on a tablet or phone preferably both Android and iOS that would allow you to access data from the accelerometer on a phone or a tablet?

I am looking to develop an application in OF where positional data from a tablet or phone would allow a user to interact with the program running on a desktop computer.

As I am pressed for time and would rather not have to write the tablet / phone apps if I don’t have to.

I am thinking of something like firmata for the arduino which allows you to remotely access pins on the arduino from a program using a standard interface. In this case I would like to access the sensors on the tablet / phone via wifi.




I don’t know such an app, but Android accelerometer example of openFrameworks is a very simple app who reaches the accelerometer functionality. You can put kind of getters and setters inside it, then you can compile it and you can obtain the app what you need.

Just an idea if you can not find what you are looking for. Good luck.

ps. I don’t know iOS equivalent as I have no idea about iOS stuff. Maybe ios orientation example?

TouchOSC can send accel events via OSC. You can receive them in an OF app using ofxOSC.

Rancs & danomatika,

Thanks for the feedback. TouchOSC looks quite promising.