System asking for access to folder after every Xcode build

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I have a little annoyance. As the title suggests, system asking for access to folder after every Xcode build. I found this post on Stack Overflow unanswered:

Someone here have a idea ?

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I am v. interested in solving this as well ! – I’ve noticed that even through the app appears in security&privacy, when you recompile it you have do permissions again. I haven’t dug into this deeply but some responses to this question mention code signing. will investigate:

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A new annoyance, the only way I was able to resolve the screen recording permissions issue, was to follow Apple’s macOS Signing guidelines. I used my Apple ID for the developer account and team and Automatic Signing:


I do not know why and how, but following the instructions of the two links it works well :wink:

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one of my students had this issue and solved it by changing just one setting:

under project settings, under “Signing & Capabilities” tab, under “Signing Certificate”, select “Sign to Run Locally”