syslogd consuming processor resources

hi, im newbie here and was testing OF. when running opencv example found that my MB Pro activity monitor shows that syslogd is consuming almos 100% of processor.
i happens when open the xcode project whitout running too.
does anyone knows why?
this is may first time with xcode, c++ and OF, but i have much experience on AS3 scripting.

MBP 1.6 dual core
1g ram
leopard 10.5.2
xcode 3

glut, the windowing library OF is built on, runs as fast as possible so the fact that it is using 100% of your cpu is not a reliable indication of how hard the application is working. It’s just basically taking up any cycles that are available, and since there are no other apps, it’s running fast! If you want, you can set the frame rate with ofSetFrameRate() and make the app slow down.

more info here:

hope that helps!

  • zach

i know about glut. in ive tryed seting the frame rate. it helps.
syslogd is the Apple System Log server running in leopard.
for some reason it works a lot during OF apps. maybe is my configuration, maybe it can be fixed.
after reducinf the framerate to 60. the app cosumes 30% but syslogd have peaks of 99% and then back to zero.

again, cpu usage is not a good indicator of how much work is actually being done.

ok. thanks. after setting to 60 frames is running smooth
Great project!!!