Syncing video on rpi over wifi or wired network

I’m tech installing a gallery installation that requires 12 videos in sync on a budget. Initially I wanted to try and use pi zero w’s and I’ve been experimenting with triptych and looking at omxplayer-sync.

My test setup is a pi zero w and a pi 3 communicating over wireless and most of the time the videos stay in sync but sometimes the slave is out. Most of the examples I can find online advocate using wired ethernet to minimise network jitter.

My question is am I wasting time trying to get videos to sync over wifi and is wired ethernet the only way to ensure sync?

Hi there,

I haven’t tried triptych using WIFI but I am not aware of any reasons why
it wouldn’t work, as long as they are all connected to the same network,
and it’s a solid connection. Triptych is using osc which uses UDP. It only
sends very small messages.

That being said, making it all wifi would add a layer of potential
complications as far as debugging. With wired ethernet, it’s quite robust
and once you confirm your connection, you don’t ever have to worry whether
or not the WIFI is the cause of any potential issues you may encounter.
Your choice: do you want to complicate the hardware setup or the software
setup. Personally, I’d think the hardware is simpler and more quantifiable.

Please keep us updated on your progress. I’d love to find out if you got it
to work with 12 videos (you should be able to).

Hi, I’m also making music sync app over 6-8 RPi zero W.
My approach is using Ableton Link.
Officially Ableton Link does not support RPi but I can compile and it works fine.
Good point is, you can control your RPi from several app which supports Ableton Link. (iOS/Android/Ableton Live/Desktop App)

You can find 2 ofxAddon which wraps Ableton Link.