Switching to game_mode at runtime

I know it is possible to toggle between full-screen and windowed mode, but is it also possible the swith between any of these mode and game_mode? This would be very handy for testing my application.


I’ve been trying but this doesn’t seem possible to do with glut –

there is a command – enterGameMode and exitGameMode – but they seem to crash when I use them in a game mode window or a non game mode window :frowning:

the problem, I think is that when you use game mode, you need to drop out calls to the window – see this post I found:

When you use the GLUT game mode, you don’t need to create
the window. So take out the calls to glutCreateWindow(),
glutInitWindowPosition(), and glutInitiWindowSize().

this is something easily done at the start of the app, but not easily done (as I can see) while the app is running. I believe it is something we can do with another windowing library —

hope that’s helpful – I’m sorry I don’t have positive results…

take care!

I read alot of positive things about SDL, why not use that since GLUT has not been updated in ages as far as I know.

Is it still not possible with the latest OF 0.10.1?