SWIG bindings for OG

Howdy all,

There’s been some discussion about different language bindings for OF. I’ve been using Luabind for OF Lua bindings in ofxLua for a while now, but last year I started looking into SWIG which can generate all sorts of language bindings. Long story short, I wasn’t able to finish it last year due to a project deadline but I did over this year’s holiday break.

My SWIG interface and Makefile are in the ofxLua swig branch: https://github.com/danomatika/ofxLua/tree/swig/swig

This branch is working on both OS X and iOS and should easily work on Win and Linux. The bindings handle all of the function, class, and enum renaming automatically and the scripts I was using in Luabind now work with the SWIG bindings with minimal changes. Pretty cool!

In any case, if there is general interest we could look into standardizing around a single SWIG interface which is why I decided to put the time into getting this working well.