SVN mirror

As Git repository is so huge, I wonder if it is possible to setup SVN mirror, so that it is possible to quickly get relevant tagged version of OF?

i think this is a real problem (the git repo is too big) but setting up an svn repo to solve that… is not a good idea.

i think what we need to do is clean the git history so it’s not bloated by binary data, and host binary libraries under the ‘downloads’ rather than in the repository itself.

Also, why would an SVN repo be smaller than an equivalent git repo?
Additionally, you _can_ get the tagged version (which is the release version), at the homepage, the link of which I gave you in another thread…

yes, actually a svn repo download would be smaller cause with git you download the whole history while with svn you only download the last version.

Repo itself won’t be smaller, but SVN repo always reside on central server, and you checkout only needed files - no history whatsoever as duly noted by arturo, but also from any subdir as well. You can even choose which subdirs to to checkout and how - it is also possible to checkout certain dirs as empty or with immediate files only.

It’s the-thread about why repository is so huge with a link to download page. I agree, it is possible, but not as convenient as:

cp -r of006 of007  
cd of007  
svn ls ^/tags  
svn switch ^/tags/0.07