SVN Hosts?

Hey, anyone know of any good quality SVN hosting services? There seems to be a bunch, but I need one that supports custom hook scripts and svnsync. More specifically, I want to make a post-commit hook that will use svnsync to commit specific files to a second repository.

The whole purpose of doing this is that I want to have all my files committed to a private repository, but also make certain files/directories available to the public and for other users to work on. Maybe there is another way to do that?

I always thought cvsdude was sort of the standard option, but I don’t know about the hooks, etc. There’s some info on different approaches here:…-repository some of which I’ve heard of, some of which are totally new, none of which I’ve tried. You could also just point users at a particular branch and tell them not to touch trunk (or vice versa).

The apache+svn based solution is probably the least likely to get you into SVN pain.

With git you can apparently set up groups with different levels of permissions in different parts of the file system, but I guess it just throws errors back on the push, so that’s not really all that friendly.

Hmm… thanks for the info.

That sounds about what I want for the write permissions… but I also want to restrict read access… so the private files are completely private until I push them to the public repos.

Well, I think you’re stuck with multiple repos, or, I suppose you could restrict access to a branch and not trunk? I’m definitely past the limits of my paltry apache/svn knowledge, but it seems like it would work.

hmm… just checked out CVSDude and it does look very promising. I contacted them to get more info about their permissions system - and by the looks of it it does what I’ll need it to, just gotta wait to hear from them to confirm it.