svn anyone?

I was down in Austin showing off OF to a friend who works at UT and we were looking through the different releases on the /files directory listing and he said: “how come isn’t in SVN, with the pre-release as a branch?” and I said “dunno, I’ll ask the forum”. So, thought I’d ask.

actually there is an svn (there is info on the download page – you can download a zip of the current code there which comes from the svn), but the web based interface (trac, browser) for it went down recently because of some changes on our webhost – when we set up the svn though, we didn’t really understand branches, trunk, etc, and we made it sort of inflexible.

we’re planning a new svn done much better – behind the scenes, we’ve been working on a new site, where svn will be done well, but in working on 0.05 we’ve just been bouncing w/ the files directory, since we really need to post not only code but zips that include project files, configuration stuff, etc. We do the files directory not at all as a means for releasing stuff, it’s just basically a dump, where we can put stuff up for workshops, etc, and it’s helpful since versions of what we are working on could be useful. It takes us a long time to get stuff out, so the files directory can work as a way of following that, or getting the stuff out sooner, even if it’s “done” in a way we’re completely happy with.

obviously we should be doing some of these things in SVN and it has, in the past releases, been super helpful for us to note changes, etc, and in the future, it will be a big part of how we can decentralize the development of OF.

hope that helps!

also, the plus side of the files directory is that it’s a good source for us just to release things, even if they aren’t always done (ofShader, ofMidi) but others could find useful.

svn is the folded laundry and the files directory is the messy pile of clothes on the floor :slight_smile: both have their uses I think

Gotcha…I think the file dump idea is cool too, but you can always add those in using SVN too, either way. Thanks for taking the time to reply :slight_smile:

Why not just github? No need to configure anything with that?

yes there is. you have to reconfigure your brain to use git.

and since i’ve had personal experience of quite advanced programmers not installing svn because it’s too difficult to work with and they can never get it to work properly, asking them to install git, which lacks the nice Tortoise-SVN and equivalent interfaces that Windows and OSX users get for SVN, is really asking too much.

yes there is. you have to reconfigure your brain to use git.[/quote]

for anyone who did just that =>

with a little help of yours this can get a great resource for the of’s trunk and experimental branches of all kinds

greetings !!

I’ve been following this – looks really cool !!

I have a question – do you think it’s possible to tweak the name or description of the git hub so that it’s clear that it’s not the official development or distribution site ? I think that would be helpful, because it’s not entirely clear from the description (pre-release) - Development-Bundle  

that the hub, while containing a mirror of the svn (I’ve been following it and been impressed at how up to date it’s been), also contains some non standard things, like libraries such as box2d placed in the libs folder and not in addons, etc. It’s just a matter of making our lives easier for offering support on these forums that people who grab from the hub know they are not getting the normal OF releases.


changed the description to unoffical :slight_smile:

yeah i understand your concerns about this, but i think github is the perfect structure to develop oF and it’s addons in a clean, distributed way.

zach, i can send you the password for the ‘of’ user at github, which was created for you and theo to manage anyway. i put myself only as contributer in there. for example the first thing another contributer could do is move the box2d into addons and wrap a ofxBox2d class around it. of course thats also how i want box2d in there at some point, and put it in libs for now, instead leaving it out and not finding it on the web when you need it. you can move rename copy branch easily with git, which is great!