svn and moving of project folder


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I’m trying to add my OF project to a larger svn repository on sourceforge, but am not sure about how to do it yet because of the default requirement for OF projects to reside within the apps/ directory. I read the thread on versioning, but those suggestions wouldn’t work for me as I am talking about putting an OF project into an existing repository with many other projects, which several people need to be able to access.

I don’t want to include the OF FAT folder in my svn. I see two options:
1.Move my OF project from the apps folder to my svn, and then change whatever parameters are necessary to point the project to the OF FAT directory.
2.put the OF FAT folder in the svn path, but only ‘svn add’ the paths leading to my OF project.

option 1 seems cleaner to me, but might be more work with setup. Option 2 has problems (users that get a pull clean from svn have to add/merge all the missing OF FAT folders and be careful not to overwrite any directories (or .svn will be wiped)). Also it is dependent on the directory.

I was thinking to use option 1 with an .xcconfig file that doesn’t exist in svn so the user can give his own path to the OF base directory.

If someone has an example of what project settings to change, or a better solution, please let me know. Thanks!

what’s your OS? if you’re on a *nix system (OSX, Linux) you could just store your application’s folder anywhere, and then make a symbolic link to it from within of/apps to your project:

(in Terminal):

cd of/apps  
ln -s /path/to/svn/myAppFolder myAppFolder  

which wil create a symbolic link from of/apps/myAppFolder to /path/to/svn/myAppFolder.

Thanks for the reply, but I don’t think this will work. Merely creating a link will not update all the header/linker search path settings and addon paths in the XCode project.

For anyone who’s interested, this is what my group did.
1.We decided that the of fat folder must go in ~/of/ and that our svn checkout go to ~/svn/ourgroup/myofproject
2.Then we copied our OF project from the app folder to our svn tree.
3.We made header search paths in projects settings use the relative paths by adding a few more ‘…/’ to the field.
4.We removed all the .a in core/libs and add ons src and re-added them using the new location. This took quite a while.

In the future we will probably change to using .xcconfig files with xcode so that the user can supply the actual path of the of fat folder, but right now I don’t know how to get that to work with files added to the project (it works great for the project settings window.) If anyone knows how to do this please let me know.
This lets us effectively use a larger svn repository that doesn’t contain and isn’t a subdirectory of the of fat folder.