Super noob question

Hey everyone

This will sound like a completely unreasonable noob request but I simply CANNOT understand how to get an output for a freshly compiled app. I have just downloaded xcode 4 and a lovely folder full of examples (of_preRelease_v007_osx) and have loaded, for example, graphicsExample.xcodeproj into xcode. After pressing the RUN button I get the overlaid “Build Succeeded” icon, but then there is no more action. I would expect an output window of some kind to open, but it doesn’t (?). I have tried looking in the “bin” folder for a compiled app (and indeed, searched the drive for but cannot find anything. Either I am completely overlooking something, or there is some supplementary step.

Could anyone please shed some light on this conundrum? I’m trying to get started at OF and I was pipped at the post.
I’m using Os x 10.7.3 and xcode 4.3.2.

That sounds like you are compiling the target “openframeworks” as opposed to your app.

On the top left close to the run and stop buttons, you should see a dropdown. If I’m correct you see “openframeworks” there by default. Click it and change it to another target (usually the name of your xcode project I think).

Then press run again and (hopefully) voila!

Thanks jesus for your quick reply.

Yes you were right, not sure what the difference is here, but I am now attempting to compile using my app name instead. However for all the examples i get the error

/Applications/ failed with exit code 1

Xcode is advising me to install the command line tools, which i am doing now. Is this the correct action? (p.s. this download takes forever!)



you could try changing the target to “Mac OS 10.6” and try running the /apps/devApps/_DeployExamples project.

not sure what the difference is here

-> You were only compiling the “open frameworks” as a target earlier, instead of the code you wrote using of, which is your application.