super cool water simulation algorithm

have been looking for a long time for some liquid simulation algorithm, tried with jos stam’s but only works well for gas like fluids. Just some days ago found this:

pretty understandable code and works really well. tweaked a little bit the rendering and got this:

it’s faster than it looks in the video but the capture program make it a little slow.

now trying to make it more oF’ish

hey that looks promising…I tried your video though and it was black. I restarted firefox to no avail. Maybe I need to reboot :frowning:

wow that looks seet. what framerate are you getting?

@pierre: if u have a vimeo account you can download the original video from the bottom right of the page

@moka: about 40fps with 4000 particles! and it’s doing lights and shadows…

that looks amazing!!!
thanks for sharing, i’ll def have a look at that code when i get some time :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Arturo,

Is there any way to use this example working into the openframeworks environment ?
I would love to use it for a project but I feel kind of lost with importing non-OF examples.

I would appreciate a lot if you have any tips (how-to?) or any source to share.

-or maybe that could be a good opportunity for me to visit you in Hangar if It’s still up! -


Hi Arturo,

I’m starting to look at producing some kind of fluid simulation. Something simpler than what you did though (maybe even just 2d in fact). But still I was wondering if you had some OF code/project using this lib, that you would be ready to share.




Very neat stuff. I will see if I can run it in OF as I’m just getting into OF and it will give me a small project to do.

I’ve got a question. I come from an academic programming background. When we want to look for references or past work/code there’s a list of standard journals to look at. For things like this, that are pushing into art and visualizations, where do you find your sources?

I’m a MFA student at parsons Design & Technology and I want to start studying audio synthesis. Google doesn’t always return the most enlightened articles :slight_smile: