Super beginner iphone questions

I’ve got a pretty good handle on OF in VS2008 and now I’m looking into iPhone suff and I have what I think are a few basic questions. I know how to use VS but I’m brand new to XCode. I’ve seen a couple basic tutorial but I seem to have missed a few key things:

  1. Do I have to use XCode to develop for iPhone?
  2. I think I got a sample iPhone app to build but can you run it on a macbook, or do you have to move it to an iphone to run/debug.
  3. How do you actually get it onto the iPhone? Do you have to go through the developer network and get an account and everything?

PS. I can run the standard OF example in XCode and the iPhone examples seem to build but when I try to run them they say “No executable specified” In the build directory there is an app called ofGraphics (for the graphics iPhone example) but the icon is crossed out because “not supported on this architecture”


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hey, welcome!

  1. Yes. Well, potentially you could build with bindings, but it’s pretty complicated and you wouldnt get access to xcode’s debugger. so, essentially yes.

  2. You can compile iphone apps for the simulator by picking simulator from the menu that says ‘Device 2.2 - Debug’ in this image:

Running apps in the simulator is how you would run them on your macbook. The simulator isn’t a great testbed for long though because it uses your computers graphics card, and most things will run much slower on the device itself. The apps you compile for the simulator aren’t launch-able out of the finder, which is why they have the circle with the slash through them.

  1. You will need an iphone developer account ($99 a year) to get your app on the iphone. Theres a guide here:


did you try building them? e.g. build and run? how were you attempting to run them where it gave you the error that there was no executable?

also, have you downloaded the iphone-sdk version of xcode from, and not just the normal version of xcode that comes with macs?

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Ahhhhh. Very useful information. Thanks a bunch. I didn’t have the iPhone SDK, just xcode that came with my macbook. I’m downloading it now, but it’s ~3gigs so it will be a while. I’m sure that will help. I’ll post back after I hit the next snag. And I’ll probably wait on the dev account until I have something worth while.

That link is really great too. Somehow I didn’t find that one when I was poking around.

Thanks again.

I got it working thanks. A few things I ran into that may already be documented but in case someone comes looking (some of which would have worked if I didn’t copy my windows app):

  • The core frameworks had a bad path that I had to change

  • I had to remove my testApp() constructor to get ofHeight and ofWidth to work

  • I made testApp() extend ofSimpleApp instead of ofBaseApp

  • My mouse click had to change from 0 to 1 value

I ran my ported app. just now on the simulator. Thanks again.

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