Suggestions on installation on a windows machine

Hi, I’m working on an installation which needs to have a live stream from a camera to a 100+ inches TV. I searched and viewed great posts like this Reebok Athlete Challenge: CrossFit + oF
but they all have solutions on getting feed from a GoPro on a mac. But what I’m looking for is a solution to do this on a windows machine and preferably getting the feed also from a GoPro camera.
I’ll appreciate if you can help me with this.

I am currently working a few installations using gigabit ethernet point grey cameras, with great results. It depends on your needs on quality (my interest is low resolution, SD, and high framerate).

One thing that i like about those cameras is that they are power over ethernet, which simplifies the installation, in my case a pedestrian bridge in a mall with control system about 50M away from the bridge.

The windows and linux driver let you reference the cameras by id, not by IP or other settings, which is very helpful when you need to install multiple cameras. Sadly, there is no mac driver for them.

I had to compile information about various addons before getting running (none of them works right now properly) but i plan to release a simple addon/demo when we finish our project in december.

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Thanks very much drakko, but as I mentioned I have to use a 100+ inch TV as a display so in this case resolution is important and I want to have the best result in the picture quality. Do you know any solutions for such case?
Thanks very much

@smtabatabaie from pointgrey the series Flea and Grasshopper, over USB3, have resolutions that are quite good for HD+ environments with a framerate of 60 FPS. Also you have a variety of lens that you can use, which is a possibility that you don’t have with a GoPro. The PointGrey driver handles the connection to the hardware for you, abstracting if its USB3, Firewire or GigE, with the same calls.

Other option is to use the blackmagic SDK and use one of the new drone cameras (Micro Cinema Series); again you will have a variety of lens that you don’t have in the GoPro world. I haven’t work with the sdk in the last 3 years, and before that I only have used it to control an ATEM, so you need to research the current SDK capabilities.

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@smtabatabaie - I agree with @drakko completely and have had good experiences with Point Grey USB3 cameras using ofxLibdc.

There’s also nothing Mac-specific about the BlackMagic software/SDK, so using a MicroRecorder & GoPro setup should be very possible on Windows.

Good luck!

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Thanks very much @drakko @nickhubben . But @nickhubben how could I use black magic minirecorder with windows? as I searched the mini recorder has HDMI and Thunderbolt which as far as I know thunderbolt isn’t supported on pc.
Thanks very much

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Gah! Of course… my bad!