Suggestions for Chroma Keying

From anyone’s experience, what is the best way to handle chroma keying in OFx, using either anything built in or with an addon? We need to chroma key a football field during a game, leaving players to layer objects below them. What works best? Additionally, is there a system that allows you to pick colors to specifically NOT be keyed? Thanks.

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If you are experienced with shaders, you can use them to filter out the color (ranges) you want to use as chroma.

Using shaders, use conditionals (ifs) to keep the colors you want, and discard the colors not whitelisted.

Would OpenCV’s libraries or an addon work better? Or does this offer the best result?

If you are able to find a solution using OpenCV then go for it, it is a well known library and there is plenty of support. For efficiency try to use GPU functionalities such as CUDA or OpenCL, available in OpenCV.

You can also search in the forums (before posting a new thread) for previous experiences with chroma keying:

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