Suggestions for a good camera

I am running Ubuntu 9, I have a logitech camera, but it doesnt work with the openframeworks, when i initialize the video grabber it spits out an error saying it could not open the device. The camera does work with the program Cheese. But even so the image is really noisy and the frame rate is slow even with lots of light.

This being the case, I am looking to get a new camera to facilitate some video work. Do you guys have any suggestions?


if the camera is working with other programs, it will work with next openframeworks version that is going to be released really, really soon.

All the same, I am not happy with the amount of noise and the frame rate with this one.

PS3Eye should be the best camera I’ve ever used (which is not expensive). It can goes up to 120fps for 320x240. But, in Ubuntu, you need to replace the driver to get full control of the camera…

what driver are u using? i use the default one, but it’s quite anoying to have to reload the driver just to change the framerate.