[suggestion][GUI] Project Generator shows that is is working


Using the latest nightly build, v20151109, of oF I’ve noticed that Project Generator produces no visual indication that it is updating a project after a directory has been chosen and the ‘update’ button has been pressed successfully (no missing addons, app is actually updating, etc.). Although the process of updating the directory does not take very long, about 3-5 seconds for my computer, it would still be beneficial to have a visual indication that the user has successfully started the process of updating the chosen directory. I had been clicking the update button multiple times not knowing that it was working the first time I clicked on it. Then I noticed a consistent timing.



Also, just noticed on Project Generator that if ‘import’ button is clicked, find directory window is opened, then when ‘import’ button is clicked again while find directory window is still open, another find directory window will open, and again a third, and so on…