Suddenly, Unable to compile anything! - GCC failed to compile-exit code 1

Hi I am bugged with this error. Googled, didn’t help!

While I was working on a project, everything seemed fine till evening, i believe I messed some settings up while configuring xCode. Now even Example Apps aren’t compiling. XCode 3.2.5, OSX 10.6.8, OF-007

Can anyone figure out what might be the trouble?

Shall I reset xcode to defaults? Didn’t find a suitable way.

![]( shot 2011-09-10 at 11.46.10 PM.png)


Surprisingly, Just figured out, that** manually selecting Base SDK as 10.6 and GCC compiler as 4.0** lets all the examples compile and fixes the above problem!

I m not sure what’s causing this, can any C++ devs throw some light on the issue?

depending on how you installed xcode, you might be missing the 10.5 SDK or whatever other SDK xcode is trying to find for the “base sdk”. but selecting SDK 10.6 and GCC 4.0 should be a permanent solution.