Suddenly unable to compile any 084 apps - help!

System: openFrameworks 084, OS X 10.8.5, X-Code 3.2.6


I have been working with openFrameworks 084 for a few months now without any major problems, after switching the Base SDK to 10.6 I have been able to compile all the examples and write and compile my own apps.

Today, however, I started getting some errors I’ve never seen before and now can no longer compile anything made with openFrameworks 084. I also have openFrameworks 007 installed and can still compile all those apps with no problems.

The first error I got when I was running one of my apps was this:

warning: Unable to read symbols for cl_kernels (file not found).

This did not stop the app from running.

I quit the app and cleaned it, restarted and it would not compile. I have 19897 errors, which initially made me think it was a linking problem, however adjusting the header search paths (which has usually fixed these problems for me in the past) has made no difference. I have tried a number of other 084 apps (including the examples) and cannot get any of them to compile.

I have also tried re-downloading openFrameworks 084 but got the same errors when trying to compile example apps that came with the fresh download. After that I tried restoring my entire openFrameworks folder from a Time Machine back up but continue to get the same errors.

There are so many errors being thrown I will not post the full list to begin with but here are the first ones:

TargetConditionals.h: No such file or directory
Unistd.h: No such file or directory
OpenGL/glu.h: No such file or directory
ApplicationServices/ApplicationServices.h: No such file or directory
Cstdlib: No such file or directory
Cstdio: No such file or directory
Cstdarg: No such file or directory
Cmath: No such file or directory
Ctime: No such file or directory
String: No such file or directory
Iostream: No such file or directory
Vector: No such file or directory

At this point I have absolutely no clue what is going on - please help! Thanks in advance!

that’s super odd. what version of xcode? it sounds like something got messed up at the xcode level…could possibly take a look your settings for OF and for the project, I’m curious to take a look – here’s a screen shot from mine.

also check that you are compiling 32 bit application, and that your targets is set right

if you make a new project from xcode (file->new project->application->command line tool->c++) does it compile OK ?

XCode 3.2.6

Yep, a new project compiles no problem, as do old projects built using oF 007. Only seems to be 084 that’s causing a problem.

Tried changing the settings several times with no result, here’s the current settings (still giving same errors).

My app:


Yeah - OF .84 is likely needing a newer version of Xcode/Mac SDK

Unfortunately upgrading Xcode will try and wipe out your existing 3.2.6 version and take away the 10.6 SDK with it.

I think you should be able to install multiple xcode versions side by side – here’s info about installing xcode 4 and xcode 5 side by side:

I’ve also had no porblems using 10.6 SDK in later version of xcode, you have to set some things up, but if targeting 10.6 is important, it’s still possible in OF 0.8.4.

I would try installing xcode 4 or 5 via this link:

there’s some info around the forum on installing older SDKs if you do need to target 10.6 still.

Thanks both.

Yeah I did wonder if my version of X-Code was part of the problem, I will try installing a newer version over the weekend and see if that does the trick.

What I don’t understand is why everything broke so suddenly – if missing the 10.7 SDK was causing the problem why has 084 worked fine for me for months and only just now gone haywire? I can’t think of any settings I’ve changed or updates I’ve installed recently that woud have affected oF.