Sublime + make: where does cout go / where is console.log

I’ve started using Sublime and compiling/running with make in Terminal as per this old thread, it’s all working fine except that I can’t find where my console output (cout << "hello world" << endl;) goes. It doesn’t output to the Sublime console, and it says here:

I think it might go to your “console.log”. The usual way to get to this
is to open the located in /Applications/Utilities. The
physical file is located under /Library/Logs/Console/<uid>/

I don’t have a Console directory in /Library/Logs nor in ~/Library/Logs. Any ideas? Thanks a lot.

It should output in the Terminal. (But I haven’t used a Mac in ages).

Can you show us your code? And maybe a screenshot of what shows up in your console when you’re running make?