Stuttering frames when window is out of focus

I’ve been working for a while on an installation that does dynamic video playback with a control interface. I have two of applications running : one is the user interface in charge of most of the logic, and the other is solely in charge of video playback. I recently discovered that if an OF app is not the active (focused ) window, the application will occasionally drop frames for a seemingly random amount of time. (The framerate estimate seems to remain constant during these stutters)

This is a dealbreaker with video, because it makes the playback stutter randomly, so I have to always make the video player screen focused (which means that the stuttering happens on the user interface, and will be an issue when a potentially clueless gallery curator doesn’t start everything in the right order).

Does anyone know a hack to make multiple windows focused on Ubuntu and whether that will fix the problem? Do you know if this is an OF problem or an Ubuntu problem?


Ubuntu 18.04 on an Intel NUC Hades Canyon

A solution I found to this was to install and use openbox as the window manager