Student interactive works based on optical flow

Here is the number of students works made with oF at Ural State University, Ekaterinburg, Russia.

It were presented at “Media-art Theories and Practices” seminar helded by National Center for Contemporary Arts and Ural State University 21 May 2010.


The works were made during course of lectures on interactive systems + computer vision + oF, readed by Victor Kostousov and Denis Perevalov.

The optical flow method was used for input data analysis, and it proved to be robust enough in bad light conditions of University hall.

There was much of fun to do such works.

You can play with MirrorFun project:


Looking forward to seeing source code too!



Optical flow is one of my favourites to play with. You have some really nice examples of it here!! I especially liked the one called MirrorFun :slight_smile:

Great work to you and your students!

[quote author=“JGL”]Great!

Looking forward to seeing source code too!



Code for MirrorFun is here:

Can’t wait to play with this!

Wow. mirrorFun is really quite awesome. Very nice work, all my friends I’ve showed it to think it’s super fun. I hope the student got a good mark for it!!!

Thanks a bunch for sharing the code too… I’ve just started using C++, openFrameworks & openCV myself, and have been playing around with the project all day. I’ve added Mehmet’s ofxSimpleGuiToo to give access to a few parameters at runtime, am recommenting it in English, and am starting to get my head around how it is all working. (if anyone’s interested I’ll post up my project files just lemme know… Been lurking for a couple weeks now, s’about time I gave summat back)

(in B&W 'cause I only have an infrared PS3 handy)

One thing I can’t work out however is why the frame rate is so much slower when using the 1.3 source. I get around 17fps with the .exe version, but only around 7fps when using the source code. However much I tweak parameters I can’t seem to get above 9fps… What changed in between the versions??? Any pointers (or newer code to trawl through) would be much appreciated, I’ve still got a lot to learn about OF & openCV

Thanks again for sharing, I’ll post up the results of my playing around soon…

Hello. Very great work!

Generally, you can get more FPS using QUAD_STRIP for mesh rendering.

About slow working “from source code” - please check, may be you are running it from “Debug” mode in Visual Studio. It is always working slow. So, switch to “Release” mode.