Strong problems with Xcode 4

Hi everybody,

I starting to learn Openframworks, but I’ve big problems to include addons in a Xcode 4 project, I’ve follow few tutorials to make this, without success…

I add the src files content in the addons folder of my project, and if I try to include a addon’s header: Build Failed - No such file or directory


I don’t what I must do, I try from one week ago and it started irritate me!
Any help are welcome, I can’t start to work before this step!

Thanks in advance.


When it comes to OF, novices, basic questions and XCode, sometimes I feel like OF forum is not the best place to start.

Theo released sometime ago a video about adding addons that explains very well how to do this. He uses XCode 3, but the process should be the same (maybe the .xconfig file is different, but I don’t have XCode 4 now to check). Try it anyway. I hope this helps. Here’s the link