streaming an FLV movie in my OF app?

Where to begin?

I was looking at ffmpeg, but I heard that there might be a better option. Any ideas?

quicktime doesn’t play it? we’ve hooked up QT (in 0.05) to load from urls… if qt player can run it via urls, we can.

this looks promising for more complicated stuff:


hope that’s a good start - zach

If you are on a mac download perian, it adds flv playback capability to quicktime…



I can confirm it works if you have perian installed.

Perfect. Thanks theo and mbanzi.

But just in case I need to be cross-platform, does anyone know a Windows solution?

Hmm it looks like flv for windows quicktime is non existent.

One option would be to somehow set up a streaming server that could convert on the fly the flv stream to a quicktime stream.

Otherwise I imagine you would need to include a video library like ffmpeg - which can do a ton. ffmpeg would be a great addon to have - especially for saving conversion etc.

I´ve done ffmpeg before – it´s a bit of a moving target to compile it but it’s mad powerful… I’ll digg up my mac project, it encodes raw DV on the fly from an OF app. we were trying to hook OF up with some streaming services, etc. that could be a starting point.

I wonder if the swf playing c++ libraries would work at all (if they could handle streaming or not) – or even, something like this: ubrowser:
could be good – I’ve gotten webpages, like google into OF apps w/ this. it’s quircky but could be useful for stuff…

take care,

Nice I would like to check that out!

I was wondering if Quicktime would load the swf via url and the swf in turn load the movie but Quicktime’s swf support is pretty minimal and it sort of just says ‘no’.

mac + dv / ffmpeg here:

it’s totally not clean at all, but maybe useful ???

it’s just doing graphic and sound synthesis and encoding it into a dv file (from one of the sample apps)…

have fun - zach

hey zach,

its just the app and the dv file - its missing the code.
no rush though


snaps – ok will take a look for it, I know I got it around… was just doing some testing with folks from hangar. — zach