Stream OF app to rtsp

Hi there,

I want to stream my ofApp to VLC using RTSP. I’m using Windows. As I’m using OF 0.7.4 I can’t (easily) use ofxGStreamer, but I can still use gstreamer from command line.

Hence, I want to output the frames from my application to an open gstreamer pipeline. For instance, listening to an TCP host, (not UDP because of this post, although it would seem better for video) and then outputting as a rtsp flux.

Would this be a proper approach? I want to stream HD video, so anything to speed it up would be nice. I just want to visualize it in VLC in the same computer in real time.

You should be able to do this with ofxVideoRecorder. It is an interface to ffmpeg, so anything that ffmpeg supports will be available by setting custom output parameters for ffmpeg.

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Thanks a lot. Apparently ffmpeg supports named pipes. I’ll try to translate your pipes to Windows named pipes. Does anyone have some experience with those?

I see you’ve commented some lines where the windows tranlations should be done, thanks for that!

If you can figure out how to get native windows support, that would be awesome! I’ve never bothered because I mainly develop on linux and mac os. I may be wrong but you might be able to get this to just work if you run in a cygwin environment?